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NAME : LadyNorthstar

REAL NAME : Lucrezia

AGE : 26

BIRTHDAY : Sept 8th



LIKES : nocturnal animals . cats . crows . drawing . history pen-and-paper RPGs . latex clothes . frilly lingerie . pomegranates

FANDOMS : MARVEL . JRR Tolkien . Sleepy Hollow . Hannibal . Shingeki no Kyojin . Free! . Spartacus . The Musketeers . The Leftovers . The Strain . Black Sails . Welcome to Night Vale . Da Vinci's Demons . The Walking Dead . Teen Wolf . Doctor Who . Once Upon a Time . Game of Thrones . Defiance . Inception . Supernatural . Arrow . Vikings . Elementary . Sherlock . Boardwalk Empire . Pacific Rim . Johnny's Entertainment . HP Lovecraft . Disc World . FMA . Saint Seiya


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Asker Anonymous Asks:
OMG... please tell your sexual headcanons for Daniel and Lucas!
ladynorthstar ladynorthstar Said:

what was their first kiss like : they went to the cinema to see a movie together and Lucas did the classic arm-casually-going-around-shoulders move but was too terrified to do else, so at some point Daniel just called him at some point going “ehi” and when Lucas turned he kissed him. it was more of a lips randomly crushing together thing, and they did kiss properly once they were out of the theatre, but they are kind of fond of their totally clumsy first kiss.

where were they their first time having sex : at Lucas’s place because Daniel share house with two other people and that tend to get back without giving any advance notice. they didn’t exactly reach the bedroom tough, so their first time was taken by Lucas’s couch.

who’s louder : none of them is really loud, but Daniel knows Lucas likes if he gets vocal so he lets himself go more than he would normally do.

who wakes up first : Lucas, and usually when he gets out Daniel is still sleeping, as he doesn’t have to go to work until late afternoon. on Sundays though it’s Daniel who wakes up first, and usually makes breakfast for both and goes waking Lucas up to eat together.

favorite form of foreplay : Daniel dancing for Lucas… for practice’s sake, it’s the official excuse, but truth is both of them enjoy it quite the same.

who performs/receives oral more often : Lucas likes to give oral more than Daniel does, so usually Daniel is on the receiving end more often.

what kink they most often use : Daniel’s stage clothes are officially a kink.

who more often tries new things : Daniel, Lucas it too shy to suggest things even if they’ve been travelling around his mind for a while.

if they had to choose a third+ person to include who would it include : they would never, but Daniel always jokes he would totally ask one of his colleagues, Colin, because he knows Lucas is kind of jealous of the guy, considering on many on stage numbers he dances with Daniel. he missed the fact that Colin is the straightest straight man on heart, but Daniel does not plan to inform him.

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