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It appears Marvel may have changed their tune when it comes to The Green Goliath, thanks to unforeseen fan support for the character in The Avengers. We even have talk of a 2015 release date.

Forbes have posted an article on Marvel’s 5 year build up to The Avengers, which includes some very interesting quotes from Marvel’s Paul Gitter. It seems that despite Kevin Feige seemingly dismissing the idea of another solo movie outing for The Hulk, strong fan reaction to Mark Ruffalo’s take on Bruce Banner and his CG alter ego may have them thinking twice. Gitter says Marvel are “pleasantly surprised by the phenomenal response. His [Hulk’s] sales are up in a major way. We repositioned him from where he was always misunderstood to now depicting him in a more heroic and aspirational manner.”. According to Gitter, this means another solo Hulk movie in 2015.. 

If the Hulk’s successful turnaround continues, Gitter says Marvel will ‘spin him off to a stand-alone [TV] program next year,’ supported by a big budget franchise movie in 2015.”

The tv series (which will be produced by Guillermo Del Toro) we already knew about, but the news about the movie should make fans of “the other guy” very happy indeed. If this does come to pass, any particular comic storylines you guys would want to see adapted? What villains would you like to see get smashed? 


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